​​Before you talk to your credit card debt company, talk to our debt free associates. There are only a few steps to becoming debt free in our debt settlement process: 

What is Debt Settlement?
Debt settlement is a process that lets you pay a percentage of your outstanding debt after negotiations with your creditor. In exchange, the creditor cancels the remainder of your debt. For example, your creditor might settle a $10,000 debt for just $4,000. The creditor cancels the remaining $6,000. Specific results vary by creditor, but debts are generally settled for 10% to 80% of the outstanding debt.

a) Reaching your debt-free goal is up to you.     

b) The statements come in your name. 
c) The debts are on your credit report. 
d) Getting rid of your credit card debt comes down to you

When it comes to getting out of debt, the (seemingly) easiest answer is to pay off. But you may consider some other options, like consumer counselling, debt consolidation, debt relief, debt settlement or even file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy might not be the best option, but it is an option. Assuming you want to pay off your credit card debts, you have to figure out how much can  you afford to spend paying on your debt each month. This may require you to scale back in some areas of your life. You may even have to work extra hours. There are plenty of options, but its up to you to explore them and make them happen. One of the best options is to contact Complete Debt Solutions, our credit card debt program will help you reduce your outstanding debt by up to 80%, saving you thousands of dollars. Call our debt free associates on (877) 676-5878 or write to us info@completedebtsolutions.ca Debt Solutions Canada 

How Can I Settle My Debt? - Debt Free Canada (877) 676-5878
​Debt settlement in Canada and United States have become more common as a result of the recession. Many people have lost their jobs and suffered large declines in home values. This has saddled everyday consumers with large debts from credit cards, medical bills, student loans and other loan options in an effort to stay afloat. But for some, the credit card debt load has become unmanageable. A debt relief program could help some of these individuals and businesses alleviate the burden.  
Complete Debt Solutions debt settlement program is as easy as 1 2 3, No Upfront Fees, get out of debt in 3 - 36 months, your outstanding debt reduced by up to 80%. If you are considering a debt settlement, this is how our Complete Debt Solutions debt settlement programs works.   

Step 1: Determine if a Debt Settlement is a Viable Option
​The first thing for the consumer to do is determine if a Complete Debt Solutions debt settlement program is the right debt relief option.
​Below are the common financial symptoms of someone that may benefit from credit card debt settlement:
• $6 500.00 or more in debt.
• Can’t make minimum payments
• Outstanding balance still growing
• No debt relief in sight, Poor credit.
If this sounds similar to your current situation, call our debt free associates at (877) 676-5878 for assistance in determining if a debt settlement is right for you.
Get more answers to commonly asked debt settlement questions or learn the difference between debt settlement, consumer proposal and debt consolidation.  

Step 2: Choose Complete Debt Solutions Debt Settlement Program
Once a debt settlement is established as a potential avenue for helping a consumer settle an unmanageable debt, it’s time to choose a top debt settlement company. Note that many companies operate nationwide even though they may not be located where you are.

Step 3: Negotiate the Settlement
Whether you are settling on your own or with the help of Complete Debt Solutions, the next step is negotiating the settlement with creditors. The benefit to hiring a reputable debt settlement company for the negotiation is as follows:
• They are experienced negotiators
• They know and understand the debt settlement process
• They have existing contacts in the industry
• It’s their job. Peace of mind
​This means they have a very good idea of who to contact and what to offer as a starting point in the negotiation. The consumer can continue with his/her daily life while the debt settlement company maintains the negotiations over an extended period of time.

Step 4: Get It in Writing
At every step of the process, get the communication, agreement or terms in writing. For example, take notes from the calls with your debt settlement company representative. Try to exchange e-mails as well so that you have an electronic paper trail of the conversation. Ask for copies of the documentation from the actual creditors as well. There is no such thing as “too much information” with Complete Debt Solutions debt settlement process. We work for you, NOT your creditors.

Step 5: Make the Payment
Once an agreement on an amount has been reached, it’s time to make the payment. Sometimes the agreement will require a one-time lump sum that may take some time for the consumer to save up. Other situations may allow the individual to pay down the debt in installments over a period of time.

Step 6: Receive the Write-Off:
Once the required amount has been paid, the credit card company or other creditor will call the debt settled. This "may" affect your credit rating, because a “settled” debt is still damaging. However, the payment burden of that particular debt will be gone and the consumer has the opportunity to regain control of their financial situation. Be extra sure to get copies of the settlement documentation from creditors and call the credit reporting agencies to alert them of the settled status.

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