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1.) By settling debt, you can save a substantial amount of money

2.) Can help you settle credit cards in as little as 3-36 months

3.) Allows you to make low monthly payments you can afford

4.) Settles debt and provides alternative to bankruptcy

5.) While positive to credit, not as severe or long-lasting as bankruptcy

6.) Peace Of Mind. Zero Upfront Fees/Free Credit Repair (Complete Debt Solutions)

If you have one or more high-balance credit cards and are going through financial hardship – credit card companies may agree to "settle" your credit card debt for substantially less than you currently owe.

How does Complete Debt Solutions Debt Settlement work?

Our debt relief specialist will review your current credit card debts and the amount of money you can afford to set aside each month to accumulate a "settlement fund". Our Debt Specialists will then negotiate with credit card companies on your behalf with the goal of settling debt for substantially less than you currently owe, up to 80%.

How much debt settlement could potentially save depends largely on the amount of credit card debt involved, your current financial circumstances – and the settlement policies of credit card companies.

It's important to understand that, just as no two debt situations are exactly alike, no single debt solution is right for everyone. Your debt specialist can provide more details regarding   #debtsettlement  or #debtnegotiation   as part of your free #debtrelief  analysis and savings estimate.

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