Call our Debt Free Associates - There are many options when it comes to addressing your debt problems. Complete Debt Solutions believes it provides a better alternative to Consumer Credit Counseling, Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation Loans. We are designed to help you get out of debt in the most effective and shortest manner without filing bankruptcy. Take a minute to fill in the form on our first page and watch the educational video about the various options available to you or call (877) 676-5878

Business Debt, Business Debt Settlement

Commercial Debt Relief  -  Debt Solutions Canada (877) 676-5878

​​Your business will save money and time when you retain the experienced debt free associates debt relief team at Complete Debt Solutions (C.D.S.). We know that it is easier and less expensive to resolve your company’s debt delinquency using our program than a long and costly court battle. Our debt free associates team is dedicated and motivated to negotiating the best possible debt settlement for your business.

Get Your Debts Under Control - Debt Free Associates Works for You!

We are here to benefit you and your business in so many ways. We take your debt delinquency burden away from you so that you can focus your energy on running your business. We will keep you informed of all decisions, and any settlement will require your approval. In the meantime, all debt collectors will be directed to our offices. That means no more harassment and interruptions from pesky creditors!

Complete Debt Solutions will benefit your business by:

•   Stopping all the harassing phone calls and letters from creditors

•   Negotiating a reduced debt settlement with reasonable payment terms

•   Ensure that you maintain your supplier and creditor relationships

•   Only charging a small fee based on the real results

•   Help you avoid bankruptcy or litigation

•   Protect your credit rating and assets

•   Save you thousands of dollars on legal fees

We are experienced and knowledgeable debt management professionals who are here to help your business improve its financial situation. We make sure that your business debt is lowered and that your creditors are satisfied.

We Decrease Your Debt​

There is literally nothing for you to lose by retaining a professional negotiator. The debt is not going to go away on its own. Our debt management specialists are driven to decrease your debt because they won’t make any money unless they do.

Give Complete Debt Solutions the opportunity to lower your debt by upto 80%, resolve your creditor relationships, and put your business back on track. All it takes is one phone call to us (877) 676-5878 or you can write to us and the harassing phone calls from creditors will stop almost instantly.

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